Central Texas Cadets Hone Leadership Skills in Nacogdoches

Written by Maj. Matthew Congrove     November 13th, 2015

Cadet officers and NCOs gather during a workshop session at the Texas Wing CTEP. (Photo by Maj. Johanna Augustine)

  • Cadet Captain Ancel Atkinson shakes the hand of another cadet during the graduation ceremony. (Photo by Maj. Johanna Augustine)

  • Lt. Col. James Peace, Texas Wing Director of Cadet Programs, speaks to attendees at the beginning of CTEP. (Photo by Maj. Johanna Augustine)

San Marcos, Texas — Four members of the David Lee "Tex" Hill Composite Squadron attended the Texas Wing Cadet Training and Education Program (CTEP) in Nacogdoches, Texas last weekend. The three-day event, which includes four schools aimed at cadets in various stages of the Cadet Program, ran alongside a Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC) school for senior members.

Cadet Captain Ancel Atkinson attended the Cadet Command Staff College school, aimed at cadets with a rank of captain to colonel. "One class was on management, another was about setting a vision for our squadron," said Atkinson. "We also had to prepare a presentation for one of the other schools; I was assigned to [Senior Non-Commissioned Officers Academy]".

The cadets in each school focused on learning skills tuned to their level of responsibility at their home squadron, while the higher-ranking cadets also spent time on Group and Wing-level event planning and management. "We had to create an operations plan and a syllabus for this year's Winter Encampment," Atkinson said, while adding that the information was presented to the senior members in the TLC course.

Atkinson also stressed the importance for cadets to attend the annual training program. "I think all cadets should go to CTEP. Its great training and it prepares you for any position in your squadron."

The attendees from the "Tex" Hill squadron included:

- Cadet Captain Ancel Atkinson, Cadet Command Staff College
- Cadet 1st Lieutenant Brisco Swisher, Officer Training School
- Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Quinn Atikinson, Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Academy
- Cadet Chief Master Sergeant James Salazar, Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Academy

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Lt. Col. Ron Diana, CAP
Squadron Commander & Public Affairs Officer
David Lee "Tex" Hill Composite Squadron, SWR-TX-435, Texas Wing
(512) 710-8435 | cc@texhillcap.org

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