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"Safety" isn't a program, it's an attitude. "Safety" isn't monthly meeting attendance, a list of rules, a set of checklists, or a few multicolor wall posters with catchy phrases on them. Although, those are all good tools.

Genuine safety is a personal approach to daily life that focuses on the people and things around you: how these people and things could hurt you, and what you can do to minimize (or eliminate) these hazards.

The proper and consistent application of this personal "safety attitude" is what will allow you to successfully complete your most important mission: to return home safely each and every day.

To help others share the message of safety, below you'll find a list of all the safety briefings presented at our squadron meetings. Please feel free to download and share these presentations as you see fit.

Best regards,

Lt. Col. James Kennedy, CAP
Safety Officer
David Lee "Tex" Hill Composite Squadron, SWR-TX-435, Texas Wing

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